Web App Development

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Thinking of concepting & planning to design and its implementations, DIDA Solution LLP provided the effective Website Development Service for businesses, non profit organizations, associations and governement’s organizations.

A website is the online face of your business and the most important tool of your marketing plan as it is the central part of your marketing messages and must have all other marketing materials allocated to it such as Social media, blog, RSS etc.

Quality Web Content Develop

In website development, Content is the king and considered the most important part of a website. We provide content development services such as site map development, content planning, writing, editing and keyword analysis.

Clear, User-friendly Navigation

A design with user-friendly Navigation which helps end-users to quickly find the desired information on a website. Maintaining the perfect balance of creativity and scientific processes, we create designs that rank high on creativity, usability & functionality.

Responsive Web Design

As the advent of web enabled devices including smartphones, kindles, tablets, netbooks and the newest addition, phablets, now everyone is switching from desktop, laptop to tablets, smartphones to browse the internet. So it is extremely important to have a website that is optimized for all devices.

Webpage Speed

Optimizing on both design and Coding level is the key to developing the Google friendly websites. We focus on designing the optimized website that has low page load time and gives the high web page speed to load fast into the web browser for the end-user.

We are offering complete web application development services to fulfill your IT requirements. Our expertise’s are:

Interface and Web Design Service

Our creative & award winning team apply a keen focus with creative intuition on your site so that it doesn’t only be functional but it's appealing & friendly to users. Graphics & Visuals are powerful aids to grab the visitor’s attention. Site users must be captured by the visual content before they get engaged with the textual content of the website.

DIDA Solution LLP gives the complete focus on creative & graphical intuitive design which is user friendly and directs users for its next action so that he can get to the information what he wants. Our design process has been developed & streamlined with serving the different clients from every industry and years of experience with designing for different requirements. Our objective is to develop the design concept that exceeds your expectations and your marketing goals.

Custom Application Development

With strategic project management and development methodologies, Dida Solution LLP puts better control and visibility on your customer web application. We use robust project management tools and have technically strong domain experts to deliver end-to-end web apps solutions.

We offer unique and secure web application development solutions complying with customer’s business requirements and processes. We establish a perfect collaborative environment with clients to understand his business goals, processes and deliver high quality business values.

Web application development includes various phases starting from high level strategy, requirement analysis, planning, required research, business consulting, interface design, backend development, programming, testing and training.

Web Portal Development & Maintenance

Website and Web Application is the digital face of any company which requires a certain maintenance to maintain it up to date. If you have an existing web application which requires to be maintained within the latest technology updates, we offer Web Application maintenance services. Based on the analysis, if you need a revamp of that application or only few updates within frame work, technology or interface of the Application.

With the combination of knowledge, abilities and cross-platform expertise and recent technological trends, we maintain your web application in an innovative way to enable you to compete with rapidly changing marketing demands.

Our Working Process

We follow the agile methodology to develop the web application and large IT projects. The process includes the different phases like planning, framing, development, Quality Assurance testing, and Lunch for User-Experience.

Having one-to-one discussion with customers and documenting the requirements of the application and discussing the various possible solutions in order to optimize the development strategy. Our expert strategists discuss the project scope and staging the complete web project with certain milestones with a possible time frame in order to deliver the successful project.

We develop the Wireframes of the front-end design to how the website/web application & portal user interface will display. It may include the combination of images, content and show the frontend of the application. We design the wireframes to show the backend application flow with ER diagrams in order to optimize the development process.

After finalizing the mockup, wireframing and ER diagram of the backend, we start the development phase of the project. We start the coding part of the project by using the decided technology.

Very crucial and important part of the project. We implement the strong process of quality checks at unit level testing and integration testing of the project and finally the user testing of the developed application.

Finally, after the client's satisfaction, we launch the application and conduct the end-user experience of the application.